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Google paid search engine advertising can be tricky to navigate on your own, which is why we’ve spent more than two decades (since 2001) developing strategies and truly expert experience for you to employ in order to help you grow your business. 

We offer true, hard to find expertise, actionable Google advertising services and PPC services plans in all facets of the most effective Google paid advertising. The following are often used synonymously to refer to this paid marketing channel and are the typical, Google recommended advertising services:

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Digital paid advertising platforms like the Google PPC ads platform are constantly evolving, updating, and changing. This creates a highly competitive market that forces you to continuously adapt to ensure you’re meeting your goals. That’s why finding a partner with experienced Google advertising consultants you can trust to deliver the right results is paramount.

Why Google Advertising Services, Google Search Marketing, PPC and SEM?

According to studies conducted by Google, more than 8.5 billion searches are conducted every single day. And, based on MonsterInsight’s data, sites that rank in the top 5 results on the first page of Google.com on average receive 70% of all the clicks for a given search on Google. Sites that rank in the top #1 position on Google receives 28% of all clicks for a given search on Google. Even more amazing is that over 99% of searchers never click beyond the first 10 search results, basically don’t go beyond the first page of Google’s search results.


What does this mean for your business? If you and your business want to capture any meaningful percentage of the potential new customers that are searching for your goods and services online, you must be on the first page of Google’s search results or better yet within the top 5 results. Through our proven Google paid search engine marketing services, our experienced Google advertising consultants will get your business’s products or services on the front page and in front of the right potential customers. 

In other words, if your site doesn’t rank on the first page of Google, you’ll be fighting for less than 1% of potential customers with your competitors, while ranking #1 at the top of Google search results means your company will have access to nearly 30% of potential customers. That’s 30% versus less than 1% – to succeed, your business must be on the first page at a very minimum.

This happens because individuals tend to click on the first result that meets their needs. If you’re sitting at number 11 on page two of the search results and a competitor is ranking on the first page, 99% of those potential customers will never even see your business’s webpage link.


So, how do you make sure you’re routinely popping up and ranking at the top of Google and getting in front of a large percent of your potential customers when they search for your goods and services?

The short answer is via our Google advertising services and Google’s advertising platform also known as Google Pay Per Click marketing (PPC marketing), Google Search Engine Marketing (Google SEM) or Google Paid Search

PPC Pay-per-click Google Advertising Services
PPC Pay-per-click Ads Google Advertising Services Man with PPC blocks

What are the Google Recommended Advertising Services:
Google Pay-Per-Click Ads Services or Google PPC Ads?

(Also Called Google Paid Search or Google Search Engine Marketing)

When people realize they want to purchase a product or service but don’t already have a provider for it (or are looking for a new one), they usually turn to their preferred search engine, 65+ percent of the time, Google.com, to research their options.


With our Google advertising services or Google PPC ads, you can directly target these hot leads by paying to be placed at the very top of the search results on search engines like Google. This means people who are searching on Google and ready to buy will see your listing potentially before your competitors.

Through Google pay-per-click advertising, each search is an opportunity to influence your customers’ decisions and encourage them to choose you over another company or business.


What’s even better? Our Google advertising services, Google PPC advertising or Google Paid Search Marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising since you only pay when your potential customer has enough interest to click your ad and visit your website. We call this “pay for performance” marketing.

Benefits of Google PPC Advertising Services (Google Paid Search Marketing)

If you’re familiar with the digital marketing space, you’ve likely heard a lot about Google PPC ads and Google SEM marketing—and there’s a reason for that. Pay-per-click is popular because it yields reliable trackable results when combined with the right amount of know-how and when created and managed by experienced Google advertising consultants. Some of the advantages of Google pay-per-click search marketing include:

Drawbacks of Google PPC Ads and Google Paid Search Engine Marketing

As with anything, Google advertising services can be a double-edged sword if you’re using it for the wrong reasons or in the wrong ways or if it doesn’t fit your business goals. Here are some of the biggest disadvantages you may encounter with Google search engine marketing:

Are Google PPC Ads and Google Advertising Services a Good Fit For Your Business?

Despite how well they can work, the Google recommended advertising services, Google pay-per-click ads and search engine marketing isn’t right for everyone or every company. Small startups with limited capital may find it difficult to maintain a meaningful budget to wade through the testing and optimization phase needed  to reach optimal performance and pacing potential. We recommend an absolute minimum of $300 as a monthly budget and the ability to spend that $300 for at least 3-6 months for the smallest businesses.


Furthermore, if you’re marketing a new product or service that no one knows to search for, i.e. little or no search demand exists in the market yet, you will likely find Google PPC advertising to produce little benefit. And you will potentially spend money for the PPC setup and ongoing management for the PPC paid search services even if the actual ad clicks don’t cost much, because of the lack of online demand.


Other than these two things, if you work with an experienced Google advertising consultant and Google advertising services agency, like TiTech Marketing (that’s us!), you’ll likely be thrilled with the business results. 


By creating fully optimized and properly targeted Google PPC ads campaigns paired with a competitive budget in your business space, Google pay-per-click ads and Google search engine marketing will quickly become an essential piece of your sales and online advertising strategy. Ultimately Google paid search engine marketing should and can be a key part of most any business’s growth and success.

If Google recommended advertising services are not for you, then you may want to explore our SEO consulting services and SEO marketing services.

Are Google Ads online advertising services and Google Search Engine Marketing a good fit for you and your company?

Why Choose TiTech Marketing as your Expert Google Advertising Consultants?

Growth Oriented Google Advertising Consultants


More than anything, we want to see you grow. To make this happen, we work with you to understand your business goals and timelines. This allows us to quickly deliver what you need now, generate a steady influx of new leads and sales for your business and to create a realistic strategy and plan for the future.

Partner with Expert Google Advertising Consultants

Partners not Clients

We partner with the businesses who want to work with us, because we understand just how important your contributions are and our collaboration is. We believe that the services you provide are just as important as our work to market and promote them in accordance with your goals. Our successes are only as good as yours.

Conversion, Leads & Sales-Focused Google Advertising Consultants

Conversion, Leads & Sales-Focused

Our Google SEM agency is focused on helping you achieve your marketing and revenue goals through scalable customer acquisition. To help you meet your goals, we continually strategize, test, implement and analyze campaign, keyword and ad data to ensure you always have a competitive advantage in your business space and that you are getting as much real business as possible for your online advertising dollars.

Experienced Google Advertising Consultants Focused on Engagement, Customization and Personalization

Engagement, Customization and Personalization

Our Google advertising services are always customized and personalized to your business, your business goals and your competitive landscape. We engage with you or your team constantly to understand your business details and nuances.

By working with you and your company in this way, we are able to truly customize your Google Ads campaigns and ads to best target your potential customers, to best achieve your unique business goals and to get you the unfair competitive advantage to take your business to the next level.

With Google advertising services, SEM and Google Paid Search ads, you need a partner that is willing to understand your goals and to truly collaborate and partner with you to deliver the results you want. 


At TiTech Marketing, we are truly experts at building and optimizing custom tailored conversion-driven, sales/lead-focused Google marketing campaigns. We create advanced custom strategies and the best quality ads and optimize and manage search ad campaigns for our partners day in and day out to help ensure our partners to, not only rank high in search results and stay there, but to more importantly acquire new leads and sales to scale your business.

Our Core SEM/PPC Paid Marketing Services

PPC Paid Search Engine Marketing (Keyword Search Campaigns)

PPC Paid Search Engine Marketing (Keyword Search Campaigns)

More than just selecting which keywords to target, we build advanced paid search marketing strategies custom tailored to your needs and goals.

Reach your audience and new customers and previous customers at scale exactly when they are searching online for the precise goods or services that you offer - all without compromising your budget or brand. This is the ultimate tool for targeting new customers and scaling your business.

Paid Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Paid Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing alone won’t grow your business to its maximum potential. Social media marketing requires in-depth strategy to help you make the right decisions and present a brand and products or services that speaks to your audience and the right audience.

Get in front of your audience, new customers and previous customers when they are on social media. Get them to engage or reengage with your business.

Display and Video Marketing

Display and Video Marketing

Visualizing images or videos related to your products, services and brand is a multi-faceted approach in which figuring out where your audience(s) browses and what engages them is just as important as the image and video content you produce.

Via Display and Video advertising, your products, services and brand will be presented across thousands of websites in the form of image ads (display ads) or video ads. Get your audience, potential customers and previous customers to engage or reengage with your business.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads

When you spend money to get new potential customers to your site, they are often just starting their buying journey and not ready to engage or buy. Most customers visit a site 2-7 times prior to a purchase. So, you'll want - no need to find a way to get those potential customers to return to remind them how great the services or products they considered before at your website are. Or you'll want to get an enticing offer in front of them to push them to engage or buy.

Remarketing ads are designed to put your product or service back in front of customers who have viewed them or others like them. This allows you to directly target already interested consumers and maximize your marketing budget’s efficiency.

Local Services Ads (Google Guaranteed Ads/LSAs)

Local Services Ads (Google Guaranteed Ads/LSAs)

As a local business, you want to target people in your area. Using Local Services Ads or "Google Guaranteed" ads, also known as "Google Screened" ads, will ensure that you and your local business stands out when nearby prospects search for the products and services you offer. Your ads will display with a “Google Guaranteed” or "Google Screened" quality promise badge backed by Google.

This gives you and your business the trust it deserves and helps you stand out to and gain the trust of your potential customers making their decision to buy from your business an easy one.

Dynamic Custom Analytics & Custom SEM Reporting Dashboards

Dynamic Custom Analytics & Custom SEM Reporting Dashboards

As a business owner, you’re up to your neck in work. We get it. We can customize reports for you so you can hone in on only the most critical information faster and easier. This allows you as a business owner or marketing manager to make more effective, growth and ROI-related enterprising decisions easier and more quickly.

We support and encourage striving for data-driven decision making in all areas of your business especially when it comes to maximizing marketing ROI. Our custom analytics and reporting is designed precisely to help you achieve these decision making goals for maximum ROI. 

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Frequently asked questions

Digital advertising refers to any kind of promotional advertising or marketing that displays or promotes on digital channels. Typically, digital channels refer to any websites, search engines, apps or platforms that are connected to the internet or are accessible via digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, smart TVs, smart home devices, etc. 

Search engine advertising is a relatively affordable and nearly instantaneous way to promote your business’s products or services to new potential customers who are actively searching for the products and services that your business offers. This means most any business small to large can quickly and affordably start to gain new customers and sales without a large financial commitment and with minimal risk.

We leverage the most current and advanced coding and tracking technology installed on your website or app to track any conversions you may need to track. This includes tracking and attributing phone calls, chats, SMS text messages, email contact forms, ecommerce sales, etc. back to the money you spend on your ads. We are proud to boast true loop back attribution capabilities to provide you with a clear view into ROI and the effectiveness of your advertising budget.

Directly, no. But, paid advertising can have a ‘halo’ effect that gives you quick exposure, recognition, more reviews and buzz and ultimately grows your business, which in the long-run can benefit SEO. But, again, paid ads do not directly impact SEO. 

PPC or Pay-per-click advertising is a form of pay for performance advertising. You only pay when a potential customer clicks your ad to visit your website/app to discover more about your products or services. 

Also, some advertising such as Google Local Services ads are billed by cost per lead. This is a more direct form of pay for performance advertising that allows you to determine whether each lead is a qualified or valid lead before you pay for the lead. 
Finally, we, TiTech Marketing, do sometimes negotiate pay for performance marketing services. Contact us to discuss these opportunities. 

There are many reasons why you may not see your PPC/paid ads when you search for them. The amount of daily budget you have designated can affect when and if your ads display at any given time and for any given search. Also, the geo-targeting may affect where your ads display. Additionally, the AI/ML smart bidding that we leverage may also avoid displaying ads to you specifically if the system determines that you are not likely to fulfill the goals of the campaign (i.e. convert). We suggest that you request a screenshot from us, as we leverage the advertising platforms’ ad preview tools allowing us to generate examples of your ads for you. 

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