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Google Local Services Ads Management Services (Google Screened Ads For Local Service Businesses)

What's the Skinny on Google Local Services Ads?
(Google LSAs)

Google Local Services Ads (LSAs), also known as Google Guaranteed ads or Google Screened ads, have changed the face of digital advertising. They provide service-based businesses like yours with a unique and powerful tool to reach potential new customers in your local area. These local services ads offer a highly effective way to connect with prospective customers who are actively searching for the services you offer in your specific area or areas. Additionally, the unique pay-per-lead approach of Google LSAs makes them one of the few CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition) advertising offerings widely available and makes them a highly cost-effective marketing solution for most any services business of any size.


Keep reading to better understand Google Screened ads, their benefits and how our professional Google Local Services Ads management services can help your business or most any local business leverage these kinds of ads for maximum ROI and sales growth.

What Are Google Local Services Ads Services?

Google Local Services Ads or Google Guaranteed Ads services are a unique form of online advertising services powered by Google. Unlike traditional Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, Google LSAs operate on a pay-per-lead advertising model. Service businesses only pay when they receive a qualified lead (real potential customer) that they personally get to qualify to ensure each lead meets their criteria. These Local Services Ads leads come in the form of a phone call or a message from each potential customer.

What Are Google Local Services Ads Management Services

Google Screened ads display at the very top of search results, showcasing your business to the potential customers actively searching for the local services that your business offers. These ads are highly targeted by potential customer intent and appear based on the users’ search query, geo-location and other factors.

Get the Unique & Coveted Google Guaranteed Ads Badge

Get the Unique & Coveted Google Guaranteed Ads Badge​ with Google LSAs
Get the Google Guaranteed Ads Badge​ with Google Local Services Ads Management Services

The Google Guaranteed ads badge is a unique and significant feature of Google Local Services Ads and is accompanied by Google’s money back guarantee. Thus these ads are often referred to as “Google Guaranteed” ads. This badge that displays next to each of these ads provides an immediate recognition of trust and credibility for your business when potential customers see it. To earn this badge, businesses must pass Google’s stringent screening process, which is why these ads are also referred to as Google Screened ads.


The Local Services Ads screening process includes, among other things, background checks and verification of licenses and insurance details. Google uses this process to vet and ensure the quality of a business’s services and trustworthiness. All advertisers must pass this screening before Google will stand behind each Local Services Ads business with Google’s globally recognized name, their money back guarantee and before they are allowed to display the “Google Guaranteed” ads badge next to their ads.


The Google Guaranteed badge assures customers of the quality of your services and helps them to immediately feel more comfortable doing business with your company versus a company that has not earned the Google Guaranteed ads badge. It also gives potential customers financial peace of mind with Google’s actual guarantee. For example, if a customer is not satisfied with the quality of the services provided by a Google Guaranteed business, Google may refund the full or part of the amount paid for the job booked through the Local Services Ads, subject to certain Google guarantee terms and conditions.

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Why You Need to Run Google Local Services Ads

According to a study referenced by Search Engine Journal, when Google LSAs are displayed  on a  Google search engine results page (SERP), the Local Services Ads present on this page receive almost 14% of all clicks on that page. That is a very large percentage of the SERP’s clicks. And, thus, this is just one of many reasons that Google LSAs are an indispensable tool for businesses in the service industry. They provide businesses, that market to local customers, like yours with the opportunity to reach a wider local potential customer based generate more qualified leads and close more business. Here are some reasons why Google LSAs are crucial for your business:

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Google Local Services Ads Management Services

While setting up and running Google LSAs may seem straightforward, it requires expertise and strategic planning to fully leverage your business’s potential. This is where professional Google Local Services Ads management services provided by a Google Local Services Ads consultant or Google Local Services Ads agency is usually the smarter way forward.
Professional Google Guaranteed Ads consultants can help you handle everything from the application process to profile setup, ad creation, targeting optimization and even lead disputes. They also provide comprehensive ad tracking and reporting, helping you understand your campaign’s performance and ROI.

The Google LSA Management Services Process

Google LSAs Application Process & Google Guarantee

We guide you through the entire Google Guaranteed badge application process, ensuring you meet all requirements to earn the Google Guaranteed Ads badge.

Google Screened Ads Profile Setup & Ad Creation

An optimized business profile is crucial for the success of your LSAs. Our professional LSA management services team will create and optimize your profile, selecting the right services and service areas and set the optimal settings to attract the highest quality and most relevant leads for your business.

Google LSAs Lead Tracking & Reporting

With our professional Local Services Ads management service, you get straightforward reporting that connects your ad performance to your bottom line. You’ll be able to understand how your ads are driving qualified leads, the cost of those leads and thus how they're contributing to your business growth.

Google Local Services Ads Lead Dispute

Not all leads are created equal. Sometimes, you may receive leads that are not serviceable or are just plain spam. Our professional Local Google Guaranteed ads management services will dispute these leads on your behalf, ensuring you only pay for high potential, qualified leads that fit your business’s services and goals.

The Cost of Google Local Services Ads Management - Invest in Your Success

Investing in our professional Google Screened ads consultant management services is a strategic decision that can significantly enhance your online presence, lead generation and new deals closed rate. The setup cost for these services is typically around $500-$900, with a monthly management fee of less than $400 or some percentage of the media spend (money going to Google for the leads) – whichever is greater. A recommended starting monthly Google media spend budget would be between $1500-$2000. But going lower or higher is always possible and might be more prudent, depending on your specific services offered, your business goals and the competition in your area.


However, it’s important to consider that these costs are an investment in your business growth. And, remember that these Google Guaranteed Ads are CPA (Cost per Acquisition) based, meaning, you only pay Google for the leads that you deem to be quality leads. With our professional Google Guaranteed Ads consultants and Google Local Services Ads management services, you can ensure your Google LSAs are optimized for success, helping you attract more, higher quality leads and drive more sales and revenue.

Professional Google Local Services Ads Management Services

Why Choose TiTech Marketing as your Expert Google Local Services Ads Consultants?

- Trusted by Google -
We Are Certified Google Advertising Partners


More than anything, we want to truly help you and your company grow. To make this happen, we work hand in hand with you to understand your business goals and timelines. This allows us to quickly deliver what you need now, generate a steady influx of new leads and sales for your business and to create a realistic strategy and plan for the future.

Partners not Clients

We partner with the businesses who want to work with us, because we understand just how important your contributions are and our collaboration is. We believe that the services or products you provide are just as important as our work to market and promote them in accordance with your goals. Our successes are only as good as yours.

Conversion & Sales-Focused

Our Google Local Services Ads and Google Guaranteed Ads agency is focused on helping you achieve your marketing and revenue goals through scalable customer acquisition. To help you meet your goals, we continually strategize, test, implement and analyze best practices, campaign, competitive and results data to ensure you always have a competitive advantage in your business space and that you are getting as much real business as possible for your Local Services Ads advertising dollars.

Proven Results

Since 2000, our expert and professional marketing team members have helped hundreds of companies with their digital marketing, PPC, Local Services Ads and SEO. With a track record of proven results in a myriad of industries from small local companies to massive global franchises, your trust in partnering with us will be well placed. Not only are we Certified Google Partners, but we are here to help you grow your business - period.

We are certified Google Partners. With our professional Google Local Services Ads advertising services, you need a partner that is willing to understand your goals and who will truly collaborate with you to deliver the long-term results you want. At TiTech Marketing, we are experts at building and optimizing results-driven, sales-focused online marketing campaigns and optimizations. We create and implement advanced strategies, advanced optimizations and implement the most up to date, most effective proven best practices for our partners day in and day out. This is to help our partners, not only gain more of an online presence, more website visibility and traffic, but to most importantly acquire new leads and new sales to grow and scale their businesses.

Get Started With Our Google Local Services Ads Management Services

Get Started With Our Google Local Services Ads Management Services

Google LSAs are an innovative and effective way to connect with local customers and grow your business. By investing in our Google Local Services Ads expertise and experience and our professional LSA management services, you’ll be taking full advantage of this powerful advertising tool and drive measurable growth for your business.


Remember, the success of your Google LSAs depends on strategic planning, continuous optimization and experienced analysis. Google’s Local Services Ads are your ticket to connecting with new local customers, growing your brand and scaling your business sales. With the right expert partner managing your Google Guaranteed ads, you’ll unlock the full potential of Google’s LSAs and propel your business to new heights.


Ready to take the plunge? To learn more about how our Google Local Services Ads management services can benefit your business, get in touch with our experienced digital marketing consultants today. Our experienced and skilled Google Local Services Ads experts are ready to help you craft and establish a winning Google Guaranteed ads campaign that delivers real, measurable cost-effective results that drive sales.

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Frequently asked questions

Digital advertising refers to any kind of promotional advertising or marketing that displays or promotes on digital channels. Typically, digital channels refer to any websites, search engines, apps or platforms that are connected to the internet or are accessible via digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, smart TVs, smart home devices, etc. 

Search engine advertising is a relatively affordable and nearly instantaneous way to promote your business’s products or services to new potential customers who are actively searching for the products and services that your business offers. This means most any business small to large can quickly and affordably start to gain new customers and sales without a large financial commitment and with minimal risk.

We leverage the most current and advanced coding and tracking technology installed on your website or app to track any conversions you may need to track. This includes tracking and attributing phone calls, chats, SMS text messages, email contact forms, ecommerce sales, etc. back to the money you spend on your ads. We are proud to boast true loop back attribution capabilities to provide you with a clear view into ROI and the effectiveness of your advertising budget.

Directly, no. But, paid advertising can have a ‘halo’ effect that gives you quick exposure, recognition, more reviews and buzz and ultimately grows your business, which in the long-run can benefit SEO. But, again, paid ads do not directly impact SEO. 

PPC or Pay-per-click advertising is a form of pay for performance advertising. You only pay when a potential customer clicks your ad to visit your website/app to discover more about your products or services. 

Also, some advertising such as Google Local Services ads are billed by cost per lead. This is a more direct form of pay for performance advertising that allows you to determine whether each lead is a qualified or valid lead before you pay for the lead. 
Finally, we, TiTech Marketing, do sometimes negotiate pay for performance marketing services. Contact us to discuss these opportunities. 

There are many reasons why you may not see your PPC/paid ads when you search for them. The amount of daily budget you have designated can affect when and if your ads display at any given time and for any given search. Also, the geo-targeting may affect where your ads display. Additionally, the AI/ML smart bidding that we leverage may also avoid displaying ads to you specifically if the system determines that you are not likely to fulfill the goals of the campaign (i.e. convert). We suggest that you request a screenshot from us, as we leverage the advertising platforms’ ad preview tools allowing us to generate examples of your ads for you. 

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