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Our Web Analytics Tagging & Tracking Install Services Packages
+ GA4 Migration Service Package

What Our Expert Google Analytics Consultants Will Do For You

How will you and your company benefit from our web analytics tagging and tracking Install services packages and GA4 migration service package? 


One of our decade experienced Google Analytics consultants will provide you with a full implementation and configuration of website user tracking and analytics code and/or full conversion tracking, including remarketing code, etc. The proper implementations of code or ‘pixels’ and proper configuration of analytics/tracking platforms will ensure you are able to precisely and accurately track and understand your customers’ behavior and the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing and all online channels. You cannot improve your ROI without having the correct and accurate data collected from accurate analytics tagging services. We ensure you get this.


In today’s digital, web-based world, some form of app or web analytics platform is 100% necessary for any business small or large. If you don’t want to pay for an analytics platform like Adobe Analytics, Clicky Analytics or HubSpot Analytics, some of which can be very expensive, GA4 (Google Analytics 4) would be a necessity for you. GA4/Google Analytics is a completely free web analytics tool from Google. All website or app owners need to be using it if not using it already. But, no matter what web analytics platform you choose, we are equipped to help you to get your analytics tagging installed and configured the correct way.


Leverage one of our powerful, yet affordable, marketing Web Analytics Tagging & Tracking Install Services packages and/or the GA4 Migration Service package to get started today.


Web Analytics Consultancy

You can rely on our expert Google analytics consultants to help you make the most effective data-driven decisions by leveraging your customers' online behavior and activities. The quality of our Analytics Tagging & Tracking Install Services packages and GA4 Migration Service package will ensure this. Let us help you today. See below for some of our most popular Google Analytics consulting (GA4 consulting), web analytics tagging install and custom reporting service packages and pricing.

Advanced Web Analytics & Custom Reporting Dashboards
for Your Website & Marketing

Now that you have Analytics tracking traffic sources, customer behavior, goals, events and conversions on your site, what do you do with all that data? We analyze and help you assemble, understand and leverage your customers' online activity so that we can generate the key insights to get you more leads and customers. This is the goal, right?

Choose the Google Analytics (GA4) or Custom Analytics & Reporting Package That's Right for You & Your Company


Google Analytics 4/ GA4 Migration Service Package

Full GA4 migration service and setup from Universal Analytics (old GA) to the Brand New Google Analytics 4 (GA4) platform
$ 499 One Time Payment
  • Create GA4 account
  • Create GA4 property
  • Connect UA property
  • Install tracking codes
  • Configure GA4 settings
  • Configure GA4 conversions
  • Configure GA4 integrations
    (up to 2)
  • Configure GA4 audiences
    (up to 4)
2023 speical


Google Tag Manager/ GTM + GA4 Migration + Setup Package

Setup and Implement GTM and GA4 code including Conversions, Variables and Integrations configuration
$ 649 One Time Payment
  • All ESSENTIAL GA4 features
  • Create GTM account
  • Create GTM container
  • Connect GA4 via GTM
  • Connect 3rd party platforms to GTM (up to 4, e.g. Google Ads, Meta Ads, Microsoft Ads, call tracking, etc.)
  • Create GTM Variables
  • Create GTM custom Events
    (up to 4)


Google Tag Manager/ GTM + GA4 Setup + Custom Reporting Package

Setup and Implement GTM and GA4 including Conversions and Integrations configuration, plus custom ongoing reporting
$ 795 One Time Setup
  • $119/month Ongoing
  • All ESSENTIAL GA4 features
  • All STARTER GTM + GA4 features
  • Custom reports (4)
  • Custom delivered ongoing reports
    (4 - weekly or monthly)
  • Configure GA4 integrations
    (up to 10 total)
  • Configure custom GA4 audiences
    (up to 10 total)


Fully Customized Analytics Tagging & Tracking Install Services + Fully Customized Reporting Dashboard(s) + Sharable Custom Reports Package

Full customized dashboard for Business Intelligence (BI), analytics, benchmarking, etc.
Contact Us
for Pricing
  • Fully customizable TiTech Analytics Dashboard(s) and visualizations
  • Build custom calculated metrics with custom visualizations
  • Build custom data sources or import data from nearly any source
  • Access to custom TiTech Analytics BI Reporting Dashboard
  • Multiple user access to custom TiTech Analytics Dashboard
  • Share custom TiTech Analytics Dashboard via links, PDFs, emails, live screens or embed on your website
  • All ESSENTIAL GA4 features
  • All STARTER GTM + GA4 features
  • All PROFESSIONAL GTM + GA4 features
  • Let us know your BI and Analytics needs, and we can build it with custom TiTech Analytics Dashboards
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Get More Customers & Sales by Leveraging the Right & Most Accurate Data With the Best Analytics Tagging Services Packages

Our Google analytics tagging services and analytics tracking install services will be installed by the most experienced Google Analytics consultants to ensure that your web and marketing data is properly collected and properly attributed and most actionably reported for you. This detail-oriented approach will translate into helping you make the best data-driven decisions to convert more leads into customers than ever. You'll be leveraging our innovative, stringent testing experience, advanced tools and tried and true processes. Do it right with the right experience, expertise, tools and approach to get the best, truly data-driven results that drive sales and revenue growth. Any other way is just guessing.

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