5 Top Reasons Why You Need Online Marketing for Your Business

Speaking of business growth, the world has drastically changed since the late 1990s. Gone are the days of pamphlets! It’s the era of online marketing campaigns, from paid search (PPC) to social media marketing to SEO. And the need for internet marketing is growing rapidly among business entrepreneurs to track and measure brand growth via modern marketing channels. 

Still, if you wonder what are the reasons why you need digital marketing for your business growth, let us tell you in detail.  

Well, there was a time when marketing campaigns involved just television, newspaper, and radio for running ads. But when you move your company to an eCommerce website, your brand comes one step forward to the digital marketplace. Here, you can have an opportunity to expand your business and reach out to more and more customers at a time using the right digital marketing tricks. 

And one of the best ones is online marketing campaigns, like social media marketingPPC advertisingMicrosoft AdsGoogle Local Guaranteed AdsSEO marketing and more. Regardless of the size of your company, you should consider online marketing campaigns for business growth. Here are some undeniable reasons:

1: Easily track your marketing ROI and business growth –

No doubt when you spend dollars on your business for marketing campaigns, you will definitely want to track its effects on the business growth, right? Through traditional marketing channels like, magazines, newspapers, or television, you cannot accurately measure ROI or the growth that is possible when running online marketing campaigns. This is perhaps the top reason why you need internet marketing for your business.

You can calculate the ROI accurately and figure out the areas that required improvement and design a better campaign. Professionals use digital marketing analytics tools to let you see how your marketing campaign ideas are working and monitor their success. 

2: Consumers are going digital these days –

A recent study shows that around 70 percent of consumers use at least three different channels for any purchase. On the contrary, around 25 percent of people use social media while looking forward to any solutions or discovering new brands. Hence, more and more people these days are getting dependent on digital platforms. 

Yet, if you don’t involve online marketing campaigns in your business, you’ll likely dramatically fail to reach the a majority of your potential consumers. Implementing digital marketing strategies will make your brand is visible to searches on Google or other search engines. Thus, more customers can be exposed to and find your products and services which will positively impact your business growth, sales, and ROI. So you can’t ignore this reason why you need online marketing for your business.  

Why you need online marketing for your business

3: Better interactive experiences for your customers –

According to Forbes, 93% of people never go to the second page of Google. Implementing social media marketing and PPC online marketing campaigns increases your chances of being at the top of the page for search engine results relevant to your business. Running PPC ads, for example, with Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, customized with images, text, and videos to highlight and promote your product features and benefits can drive far better customer engagement and interaction. This can give your brand a huge reputation boost when potential and current customers are able to experience more engagement with your brand. When done properly, videos can drive massive amounts of engagement and web traffic by grabbing the attention of potential consumers and keeping them engaged with your business and website, often translating into more sales and leads. 

4: Responsiveness to current trends in real time –

With digital marketing, you can keep your business more up-to-date while responding to current trends in real-time. Herein lies one of the other advantages of digital marketing services. You can reply and stay connected with your consumers whenever they respond to the latest updates your brand has hared on social platforms. This helps you stay ahead of the competition. Plus, when your business reaches out to more customers and leads, your brand gains increased visibility as well. 

5: Improved customer relationships –

The need for digital marketing for your business also lies in its ability to establish better relationships with your customers. A decade ago, traditional marketing campaigns, like with magazines, newspapers, television, or radio, allowed only one-way communication. Business owners and marketers couldn’t know what consumers thought about their approaches, business ideas, products, or service offerings. It was just difficult to impossible to determine the demand and preferences of their target audience.

But, today, by leveraging online marketing for your business, you can engage in two-way communication with your customers on  a daily basis and relatively easily determine their concerns, preferences and needs quickly and effectively to help your business provide the best products and services to truly nurture your business’s relationships with your customers and clients. 

Bottom Line

In short, digital online marketing is essential for businesses today, not only for exposure to potential customers but also to track and ensure ROI and to build relationships with potential and current customers. If you are interested in learning more about online marketing for your business, or you’re ready to start running Pay-per-Click Ads online or Social Media Marketing Ads (SMM) for your brand growth, count on us. At TiTech Marketing, we have the experience and expertise to help you meet most any online marketing goals you may have. Or we can help you develop the right online marketing goals for your business and specific circumstances. Contact us to reach your digital marketing goals!


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